There are many who believe that business and social responsibility can not go hand-in-hand.

Why they're wrong:

Through designing responsibly, in seeing the world holistically, and by tackling problems empathetically, we can create a future in which the living world and material world complement each other, and one in which people are happy and healthy.


Design for people and their communities

It’s time to elevate the ‘’human” in human centered design. People are more than just “users,” we’re human after all — and through understanding people contextually we can build a society that works for everyone.  With fewer hurdles we have less to worry about and more time to spend how we want and be who we want.

Leave things better than you found them

The world already has a lot of “stuff,” so let’s not create new things unless they promote real positive impact.  Change is good but only if the changes are for the greater good.  Through thoughtfully considering both people and our environment, we can improve the quality of life making it easier, more inclusive, happier, and healthier.

Take responsibility and make responsibly

Small actions can have big effects.  By seeing the world through an interconnected and holistic lens, we can solve problems without creating new ones.  If we ask the right questions, think critically, reflect honestly, and act responsibly, we can promote economic, environmental, and social prosperity.


About Me

Lauren Zemering

I am an avid problem solver and budding social designer who loves breaking down complex systems to create positive solutions.  I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Industrial Design in 2017.


My first few professional years were spent as a product and graphic designer in the US, where I gained experience creating products, brands, websites, and communication pieces for startups and small businesses.  In search of more meaning, I decided to pursue freelance design in Amsterdam to use my design skills in a more thoughtful and responsible way.  With a new direction and set of values, I decided to create Conscience Form.

All rights reserved on project and web content.

Conscience Form  –  2020 Zemering Design

KVK 75732084  –  Amsterdam, NL

All rights reserved on project and web content.

Conscience Form  –  2020 Zemering Design

KVK 75732084  –  Amsterdam, NL

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