About the Project

Spring semester 2016, Junior year at Carnegie Mellon University

Duration:  11 weeks

Partners:  Julia Petrich, Shruti Aditya Chowdhury, and Gina Huang

In a service design course, we were challenge to fix ”something that is broken.” My teammates and I, having had a special interesting in healthcare, first chose to pursue chronic pain issues and communication thereof between doctor and patient. After some research, we chose to specifically focus on migraines since they are an ”invisible” yet often very debilitating illness. Ultimately, we felt there was a need for more accessible and customizable care for migraine suffers that allowed them to learn more about their specific needs and possible treatments options.

Our solution, MiBox, is a customized and flexible subscription service in which migraine treatment products are delivered to customers’ homes. This allows them to try a myriad of options in order to learn what works for them. For this project we produced a mock-up website that demonstrated how this service might work.

Skills Used

User Research

Stakeholder Mapping

Service Blueprinting


Concept Development

Service Design

Research Process and Insights

Our first steps included user research, brainstorming, and properly defining our proposition. The first idea was to create a space in which migraineurs could interact, work, and share knowledge and resources in a safe way, free of migraine triggers. This solution ended up being a bit impractical… Did this need to be a physical space? Were there concepts that offered the same benefits but weren’t tied to location or physical infrastructure?


The final result was an online subscription service that prompted users to fill in their usual symptoms and typical migraine experience, so that the system can make treatment recommendations. Treatment samples are sent at a customizable interval and items can be swapped out based on the customer’s wishes.


Additional features could include a personal profile and online community/network where individuals can connect with others and share insights and recommendations.

Click here to see the interactive mock-up

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All rights reserved on project and web content.

Conscience Form  –  2020 Zemering Design

KVK 75732084  –  Amsterdam, NL