About this Project

February – November 2020

In 2020 I joined the taskforce of Young Impactmakers (YIM) to plan and facilitate events for their community of young entrepreneurs who want to do good while doing business. Many of the themes within the Young Impactmakers community focus on social impact and align closely with the Sustainable Development Goals.


My contribution included planning events/workshops and designing the supporting materials, designing a shirt for the YIM community, and miscellaneous design and strategy tasks.

Skills Used

Event Planning

Event Facilitation

Project Management

Information Design

Visual Design

Applied Branding

Shirt Design

Shirt design by me, photography by Isabel Lara Vega and concept development in collaboration with her.

The below shirt was created for the YIM community and features the SDG’s on the back (can you find SDG 12?). The shirt is given as a gift to participants of the SDG dinners we host and is also available for purchase.

Online SDG Dinner

Every 2 months, we invite between 15 and 20 members of our YIM community to join a dinner to learn more about the SDG’s and how they can make an impact. The below deck and worksheet were created by me for the event. The first dinner was facilitated by me and co-organized with Margot Kemps and Rutger de Rijk. This project was sponsored by the European Solidarity Corps.

Online Breakfast Discussion

During the summer of 2020, YIM organized bi-weekly breakfast discussions to engage our community in social impact topics. I made the following presentation to support a discussion I hosted.

Activism v.s Impact Entrepreneurship

YIM’s first event of 2020 was in collaboration with YOUth ACT. Working alongside Joren Kruit, Raoul Becher, and Lena Hoffmann, I developed an online workshop/debate/discussion on how impact entrepreneurship and activism differ and how they can benefit one another. The evening included relevant speakers on the topics of activism and entrepreneurship. This co-branded slide deck and toolkit template was created by me.

Never Waste a Good Meal

This presentation was made in collaboration with Isabel Lara Vega for our second online event of the year, which was focused on the food transition.

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All rights reserved on project and web content.

Conscience Form  –  2020 Zemering Design

KVK 75732084  –  Amsterdam, NL

All rights reserved on project and web content.

Conscience Form  –  2020 Zemering Design

KVK 75732084  –  Amsterdam, NL